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Hi! I would like to leave here an introduction to myself and to what I intend to do with this space.

I love traditional/classical art, and there is a lot I would like to do, but so far I've been just focused on learning oil painting. I graduated in June of 2012 from The Florence Academy of Art (FAA), an American University in Italy, where I was training to be a classical painter. I was awarded then with a full scholarship prize, to stay and study for one more year at the FAA, as a sort of specialization year, where I stayed under tutelage of the FAA Director Daniel Graves, one of the most influential realist painters of today. The deal was that the school would provide the studio space, and besides the perks of being a FAA student, I was to teach during the school year on the Intensive Drawing Program. And that was a great experience, not only for what I've learned teaching drawing, but for the adventures lived during the time.

After that, no more being a student here in Italy, I decided to come back for one more year anyway, mainly for matters of my professional life. I was invited to keep on teaching for the FAA on special Workshops that are being offered during this and the next school year. So my plans now include beeing in Italy until 2015. Also, Florence is still the world capital of classical art, cradle of the Renaissance, and home to many many museums and classical painters. And in this Blog space I would like to write a bit about Art and what I think of it. How and why Art is important to me, and how it influences me. I know many friends and family of mine, although enjoying my work, do not always understand all that much about the world in which I live in, or even feel shy to talk / opine anything because they think they do not understand anything about it. So in this space I would like to write topics where I can introduce my world, not only to those close to me, but to anyone who might be interested on the matter. That way, also promoting discussions and knowledge about the world of Classical Art.

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